I have often said to people that I am not a person who carries regrets. The word regret becomes egret without the r and an egret is a bird nothing like a crow. It has a t. It is an odd word. It sounds sad. It sounds like you lost everything. I am not a person who carries regrets. Perhaps they carry me.


A wonderfully evocative new novel from the bestselling author of In Falling Snow that sweeps through time and intersects with the lives of Edward VIII and Diana, Princess of Wales, two of the most loved and hated figures of the twentieth century.

Available Australia 1 April 2019


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You can almost feel the heavy humidity of the tropics, the cool dampness of London, and the biting chill of New York. Likewise, the emotions are understated, but deeply felt.
— Write Note

Winner of The Courier-Mail People’s Choice Award, Swimming Home tells story of the real women who first set out to swim the English Channel in 1926, and a young Australian swimmer from a remote island who joined them.

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I have nothing to offer women whose children are gone, not even that loss passes. This has not been my experience. It has not passed. I wrote in a letter to my daughter that while facing great pain has brought many more tears, it also brings the beauty of the world more sharply into focus. And while this might be true, some days it is not enough.

Shortlisted for The Queensland and Victorian Literary Awards, For a Girl tells a story from Mary-Rose’s life about coming to terms with a decision she made as a young woman which resulted in the loss of her first child, and the lifelong journey of grief.

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MacColl’s narrative is fortified by impeccable research and her innate ability to create a powerful bond between readers and characters. Well done.
Kirkuk Reviews (starred)


The story of the real women doctors who started a hospital in an old abbey in France during World War I, and the Australian nurse whose life forever changed by being among them, In Falling Snow will remain with you long after reading.