In Falling Snow in Canada and the US! 

At once chilling yet strangely beautiful... MacColl’s narrative is fortified by impeccable research and her innate ability to create a powerful bond between readers and characters. Well done.
— Kirkus Reviews (starred)
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In Falling Snow hits Number 4 on Canadian historical fiction bestseller list and number 49 on the US trade fiction list in its first week! Go Miss Ivens!

"An epic tale of love, heartache, and a sisterhood created by nursing in a time of war, In Falling Snow is one of those novels you will want to read again."  Michelle Moran, bestselling author of Cleopatra’s Daughter

Find out more about the story of Miss Ivens and her Scottish women doctors here and how Mary-Rose came to write the novel here.

"From past to present, Australia to France, MacColl guides readers through unknown lands abroad and territories of the heart. For readers, like me, who love to see history’s forgotten heroes given powerful voice, you will delight in this novel."  Sarah McCoy, author of the international bestseller The Baker’s Daughter


... a story of love, ultimately, and a woman whose life has sought to atone for a mistake she hardly knew she made. Caught between the past and her impending mortality, Iris relives her life as a nurse in WWI, when she was too young to understand what her choices would mean not only for her, but for the family she cobbled together out of the rubble. At once perceptive and sympathetic, In Falling Snow beguiles, a tale of selflessness and youthful indiscretion as singular and seductive as one could hope for.
— Robin Oliveira, New York Times bestselling author of My Name Is Mary Sutter