In Falling Snow in the UK

Miss Ivens and the Scottish Women Doctors have gone home to England, Scotland and Wales with Allison and Busby. And readers love them!

In Falling Snow  at home at Heathrow!

In Falling Snow at home at Heathrow!

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"Beautifully told, mesmerising characters... The author carries off brilliantly a story set in two time periods..." Books Monthly.

"The setting of WWI France is beautifully rendered... this is a gorgeous book." Belle on GoodReads.

"A beautifully written, intelligent book, which pays tribute to the dedication and bravery of an exceptional band of women." Lynn Brunskill, Holmans Bookshop.

"For those who love stories surrounding family secrets that span generations, this book is a must-read." Rebecca on GoodReads.

"Fascinating novel." Five stars from Curious Book Fans.