Reviews of In Falling Snow

”At once chilling yet strangely beautiful… MacColl’s narrative is fortified by impeccable research and her innate ability to create a powerful bond between readers and characters. Well done.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred)

”...beautifully nostalgic... incredibly absorbing – it had me up until 4am one night, not able put it down.” That Book You Like

”... a moving story about women’s roles and the challenging decisions they face as mothers, nurses, doctors and leaders. MacColl brings to light the forgotten histories of the women of Royaumont hospital with engaging prose. The lives of Iris and Grace are divided by several decades, but their career ambitions and the sacrifices they face are universal.”—Suzanne Desrochers, author of Bride of New France

”What a treat it has been to read such a powerful and beautifully written book, based on the fascinating true story of the Scottish Women Doctors who ran hospitals in France and Serbia during WW1.” Culture Street

”This is a story of love, ultimately, and a woman whose life has sought to atone for a mistake she hardly knew she made. Caught between the past and her impending mortality, Iris relives her life as a nurse in WWI, when she was too young to understand what her choices would mean not only for her, but for the family she cobbled together out of the rubble. At once perceptive and sympathetic, In Falling Snow beguiles, a tale of selflessness and youthful indiscretion as singular and seductive as one could hope for.”—Robin Oliveira, New York Times bestselling author of My Name Is Mary Sutter

”...moves between the past and the present, from Australia to war torn France to create a compelling story of love, loss, friendship, family and dreams... wonderfully engaging... I regretted putting it down...”  Book’d Out

”...a riveting read.” Good Reading Magazine.

”From past to present, Australia to France, MacColl guides readers through unknown lands abroad and territories of the heart.” —Sarah McCoy, author of the international bestseller The Baker’s Daughter

”I was moved and educated by In Falling Snow, but also, in the current environment of persistent electronic noise and dubious blockbusters, I found pleasure in the romantic image of a writer muddling her way through library resources, following the scent of a story all the way to France and having the time and space to tackle her craft in an encouraging work space.” This Charming Mum

”Iris’s character develops beautifully as her voice shifts from the past to present – here is a frail woman approaching her last days, drifting in and out of a state of forgetfulness and heightened recall...  I’ll be reading this one again – I think second time round I’ll love it even more.” WriteNotes

”As Iris recalls her wartime experience, she draws the reader deep into her past, eventually revealing the tragic secret that has shaped the rest of her life... ... an evocative and intriguing tale that encapsulates the horrors of war and the powerful legacy of love...” Australian Bookseller and Publisher.  

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