Redlands In Falling Snow

In Falling Snow went to Redlands this month, at Capalaba Library. The  staff did this lovely display and around 80 keen readers came to talk books books books!  

What a great morning! Thanks to Branch Librarian Gillian Milburn and her enthusiastic team. Thanks also to Jan Hartz and her bookclub who had the original idea! 

The questions were great, everything from "Do your characters actually speak to you?" and "What's the connection you have to Canada?"

I must say that the last few months have restored my faith in libraries and made me realise once again that more than ever the future of reading and writing depends on the enthusiasm and support of libraries, bookstores and bookclubs.

For Redlands and all those Brisbane libraries who've hosted Miss Ivens and the women from Royaumont, I really want to say thank you so much. 

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